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The process of immigration in the Villa Rica GA area is complex and involves many legal procedures due to the high number immigrants. However, with a good attorney, the process of obtaining the necessary visas and immigration status becomes easier and simple. In Villa Rica GA for instance, the process of naturalization requires professional legal advice especially when filing family petitions. In order to avoid any mishaps, you need to know the different ways you can obtain residency legally in the US.

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Naturalization in Villa Rica, GA


If you are not a US citizen and wish to reside in Villa Rica, GA, you must apply for an immigrant visa. The immigrant visa allows you to reside depending on the kind of immigration status you were granted. Here are some of the ways that can allow stay in Villa Rica legally.


Immigration Visa through Employment


If you get a job in Villa Rica, Georgia, your employer can sponsor you to get the necessary immigration status. However, the state may allow workers with high-level jobs such as engineering and surgery to reside without a sponsor. However, for other kind jobs such as teaching, maintenance and so on, you are required to have a sponsor who should prove that the number of potential qualified employees cannot match the amount of work available. The approval time may take a while due to the limited numbers of visas.


Immigration Visa through Family Intervention


If a member of your family holds a United States green card and hence a permanent legal resident; he, or she can intervene for you by way of sponsorship. Note that the time taken before obtaining a visa by the help of a family member depends on the closeness of the relationship between you and him or her. For example, if the relationship between the United States resident and you falls in the categories of parent, spouse, or minor child, the visa comes through immediately. If the relationship status falls in the categories of adult child, brother, or sister, the duration of obtaining the visa may take three to twelve years.


Immigration Visa through Asylum


If there cannot return to your native country for fears of persecution due to issues like race, war or political issues; the state can protect you by granting you an asylum visa. To obtain this kind of a visa, you need well-grounded and compelling reasons why you are fleeing your native country. Genuine refugee and asylum visas do not take long to process due to the nature of their urgency.


Immigration Through Diversity Visa Lottery


The method of obtaining a visa through a diversity lottery depends solely on sheer luck. This program gives people from underrepresented nations an easy way to immigrate to the United States to look for greener pastures. Every year, the state grants fifty thousand participants of the lottery resident visas.


Note that not all countries can apply for the diversity lottery and in order to know the eligibility of a country in the lottery, you can check the list provided by the State Department. For example, countries like Colombia, India, Jamaica, Brazil, China, Haiti, Poland, South Korea, Russia, EL Salvador, Vietnam, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Philippines and United Kingdom are excluded from participating in the DV lottery.


The Process of Obtaining an Immigrant Visa


Once you have chosen the method that suits you the best from the above options, the next step is to begin the process of applying for the visa. First, you need to file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Secondly, you will need to gather all the needed documents and return the visa application form to the USCIS. The USCIS then calls you to arrange for an interview day so that you can prepare to verify the information on the application forms.


Prior to the interview, you need to take a medical examination, which should be administered by a qualified medical doctor to show your medical conditions. On the interview day, you must present all the original documents and the appointment letter to proceed with the interview. The application then goes through a verification process and checking by all the relevant authorities and departments. If the USCIS accepts your application, you will be granted the necessary visa that will allow you to reside in Villa Rica, GA without fear of deportation. On paper, the process may seem easy and straightforward, but there are many legal aspects involved and this is why it is important to involve an attorney. If you are looking for a legal expert, Give us a call.


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