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Have You Recently Suffered an Injury Resulting from a Car Accident?


Automobile accidents can have serious, sometimes devastating consequences. In many instances, drivers and their passengers can suffer severe, possibly life-altering injuries. Such an outcome may be the unfortunate result of the actions of another. How often do we hear about auto accidents caused by a driver running a red light, dozing off behind the wheel, or the increasingly common texting while driving? Suddenly and without warning, you can become a victim due to someone else’s poor judgment. Villa Rica’s Hines Law realizes that this is a time when all of your energy needs to be geared towards your recovery. Our lawyers do not want you to be burdened with paperwork, dealing with insurance companies, or sorting through medical bills. The experienced attorneys of Villa Rica’s Hines Law are well versed in ensuring that all victims receive the maximum monetary compensation they’re entitled to, and will see to it that you are not taken advantage of. You have rights, and Hines Law will make you aware of and aggressively defend those rights until you’ve secured your fullest potential. After all, you would not be facing lost wages and substantial medical bills were it not for someone else’s negligence.


Car Accident Lawyer


Have you been a victim in a hit and run?


Sometimes we might feel hopeless after having our car hit and the suspect just drive off. Questions can begin to fly through our head as to who, what and why. Just remember that the law offices of Matthew C. Hines can help you. You’re not alone in this. Getting the correct information, when possible, is vital. A license plate number and accurate vehicle description (make/model/year) can go a long way in assisting you should you have any personal injuries. Don’t neglect yourself or just brush it off, call us so that we can help you.


Car accidents can leave people with lingering injuries, or even serious injuries, which is why you need a serious injury lawyer in Villa Rica, if you have suffered from serious injuries. An accident can be caused by numerous things, such as someone falling asleep behind the wheel, not paying attention to the roads, or the vehicle could have some sort of malfunction that caused it to not brake in time. It does not matter what the cause of an accident was, as a victim you have rights that should be defended. When you hire us to handle your case, then you can count on us having the experience and knowledge needed to make sure that your case ends with the best results achieved.


Have You Sustained a Personal Injury Following a Collision with a Truck?


It’s not always easy sharing roads and highways with large trucks. In fact, it can be hazardous for drivers of automobiles. However, trucks are a necessary component of our economy. That being said, it can be quite intimidating driving alongside a tractor-trailer or flatbed truck. We’ve all been warned about the various, potentially dangerous “blind spots” drivers of trucks cope with. Should your vehicle fall within that range, there is a real possibility of a collision in the event that the driver opt to change lanes. Due to the sheer size of trucks, it’s extremely likely that the driver of the automobile suffer substantial injuries as a result of such an accident. As a victim, you will need the guidance and expertise of an experienced lawyer of Villa Rica’s Hines Law.


Premises Liability and Slip and Fall Accidents


When you slip and fall, you may not think anything of it, but sometimes these falls can results in long term damage. These types of accidents can occur due to someone not taking care of their property the way they should have been taking care of it. For example, they may have left wet paint out, or they didn't clean up a spill, and as a result you ended up falling and hurting yourself. If you suffered from a slip and fall, then you should contact us, and we will let you know if we can help you get the compensation that you might deserve.


Dangerous Drugs and Medical Devices


Do you live in the Villa Rica area, and have taken an unsafe drug and now you are or have suffered some bad side effects? If so, then do not do nothing about it. We can also help you if this has happened to you. All too often there are new drugs that go on the market, but they are not tested properly, and this can lead to some serious injuries. Do not think you have no options if you have taken an unsafe drug and believe you have suffered an injury as a result.


Product Liability


If a product fails you and you suffer an injury from it, then you could have a case against the manufacturer. It is their responsibility to test their products before they put it on the market. Items such as ladders, drugs, tires and food can cause harm to you, and this is why they need to be tested to make sure that they are safe.


Mesothelioma and Asbestos


Until it has affected you or someone you love, then the chances are you do not know a lot about Mesothelioma, which is a certain type of lung cancer. It is the result of being exposed to asbestos, which contain particles that can cause a carcinogenic effect on people's lungs. If you need to be treated, then the chances are you will need to undergo surgery or even radiation and maybe chemotherapy. If you or someone you love is suffering from Mesothelioma, or has been exposed to asbestos, then give our law firm a call right away.


Medical Malpractice Lawyer


If a doctor treated you in the wrong way and as a result you got injured, or if you were misdiagnosed with an illness, then this can lead to some very serious problems for you. You do not want to mess around if you feel that malpractice has taken place, so contact as asap to find out if we can help you get compensated for medical damages that can be used o help pay your own medical bills.


Birth Injury Attorney


Nobody should be injured while giving birth, and nobody's newborn should be injured during birth. If your child was injured during birth, or if you were, then call us immediately. We have handled many birth injury cases and we can help you throughout the legal process.


Spinal Cord or Brain Injury


Lifetime symptoms can occur in the event that you suffer from a brain injury, or even a spinal cord injury. It does not matter how the accident occurred, or how minor something seems to be, the complications you could face down the road can be major. Let us represent you and get the compensation that you rightfully deserve. We will be happy to setup a no obligation consultation to speak about your case.


Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer


 People tend to spend a lot of money on nursing home facilities. People want nothing but the best for their aging parents, and that is why they place them in a nursing home. However, sometimes abuse takes place at nursing homes, and this is not what people expect when they put their parents in one. They expect their parents to be treated with nothing but respect. There are many forms of nursing home abuse, such as being treated in an abusive manner, being neglected or not being cared for properly. When nursing home abuse takes place, then this needs to be taken seriously, and we take it very seriously. Contact us today if you have a family member who you suspect of being abused at a nursing home.


Whether you need a DUI lawyer, criminal law lawyer or an immigration lawyer, as well as any other type of lawyer that was previously discussed in this article, then we are who you want by your side in court. Give us a call today and we will be more than happy to see if we can help you. We have helped many people and the chances are we can help you too.


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